How It Works

Its Simple and Fast!

The mobile phone has to be a prepaid one that you could refill.  The airtime amount solely will depend on the recipients' Country and mobile phone operator.  When you follow through with the buying and sending process, you will be able to select how much TopUp you wish to send. You can recharge both your own phone credit and the phone credit of your family and friends overseas.

You send the Mobile TopUp in 4 Steps and its received within 5 Seconds!

1. Where you want to send TopUp

2. What is the mobile number

3. How much to send

4. Confirm & Pay

We make it easy for you to feel closer to your loved ones with the gift of a TopUp. Why not surprise your family, friends and loved ones with the gift of a TopUp. You can spend small amount and the TopUp takes place instantly.  The credit will be added to the remaining airtime balance. 

The payment process entails four very easy and simple steps and is very secure. The recipient has to be a pay as you go phone and whilst you are brightening their day with completing our TopUp service online, they will receive a text message of the successful TopUp. There are no surprises, nor any hidden fees. The gift of TopUp is hassle free!

We are available in over 130 countries and networked with 300 of the World's largest mobile operators. We make it easy for you to feel closer to your loved ones with the Gift of a TopUp. Available in over 130 countries and connected to well over 300 of the world’s largest mobile operators. The TopUp amount is instantly available on the receiver's mobile phone.  

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